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vSense Mobile for Mobile Software Analytics

vSense Mobile - How it Works?
Red Bend’s vSense Mobile® for Software Analytics offers an end-to-end system for understanding software performance, mobile usage and application behavior from the unique perspective of consumers’ smart devices. The solution includes:

Analytics Client

vSense Mobile is a transparent, non-intrusive, on-device Analytics Client that delivers real-time visibility into the performance and usage of mobile software and applications. Upon consumer Opt-in, this customizable client monitors the host device according to configurable performance thresholds, performed over the air, or predefined schedules. Device data, which amounts to no more than a few kilobytes, is automatically collected and periodically sent in the background over any mobile network or Wi-Fi connection and aggregated in the Analytics Center.

Through insightful analysis and reporting, vSense Mobile uncovers valuable trends about subscribers, including:

  • software and application inventory and usage statistics
  • application network consumption and resource utilization
  • mobile usage behavior patterns and trends
  • device performance and software faults, and
  • customizable vendor specific data.

vSense Mobile is highly efficient, using negligible battery, network bandwidth and data consumption to ensure minimal device impact, and can pause sending data while roaming. vSense Mobile is available for mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices using Android Froyo (2.2) or later, and can be downloaded over the air or pre-integrated.

Analytics Center

Combining device software diagnostics and application analytics, the Analytics Center is a service provider’s window into the real-time user experience of mobile devices.

The Analytics Center is a module of the Red Bend Software Management Center. This centralized, back-end management system works with the vSense Mobile client to create an end- to-end solution for Mobile Software Analytics.

Using an intuitive Web-based console, service providers can remotely configure the Analytics Client, defining data collection and reporting policies. Through analysis of real-time device performance in the field, systems administrators can be automatically notified before an issue negatively impacts a large number of subscribers. Customer care representatives can also view individual device and application performance for faster customer call resolution.

The Analytics Center applies sophisticated heuristics to create customizable reports that inform better business and technology decisions. The Analytics Center also features open APIs for integration with customers’ existing systems.

Mobile Software Analytics in Action

Gain visibility and insight into the relationship between software on mobile devices and consumers’ actual experiences. Analyze data across device models over a specified time period. Report examples include:

  • Most Popular Applications—Uncovers the most popular and unpopular applications to gain insight into user preferences
  • Single Application Performance—Identifies at what hours of the day a specific application is used to enable better network planning and service deployments
  • Single Application Usage—Analyzes performance (network, CPU, memory), health and behavior of a specific application to enable better application design

vSense Mobile - Benefits
With vSense Mobile®, Red Bend is the only company able to give service providers both real-time analytics insight from the device perspective as well as the ability to proactively change software in the field in order to make mobile devices and services continuously better in a rapidly changing world.

vSense Mobile benefits many organizations inside a service provider, including:

Customer Care / Repair Centers
• Reduce No Fault Found returns
• Lower repair center costs
• Improve loyalty/reduce churn
• Perform proactive Customer Care through fast call resolution

Marketing / Business Intelligence
• Turn usage data into valuable and actionable business intelligence
• Better plan and target service roll-outs
• Provide usage data for partner ISVs to better define their applications

Product Development
• Improve time to market and quality of devices and software
• Get early launch feedback for OEMs and ISVs (crash logging, etc.)

With vSense Mobile, service providers will:

  • Gain insight into application behavior: Non-intrusive diagnostics and monitoring of device performance, application usage and software behavior using an Opt-in Analytics Client
  • Protect the customer experience: Efficient Analytics Client has minimal impact on battery life and network data
  • Deploy with ease: Over-the-air downloadable client for devices using Android Froyo (2.2) or later, or pre-integrated
  • Leverage existing infrastructure investments: Modular and interoperable architecture, with integration into existing business intelligence systems through Web Services