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vLogix Mobile for Mobile Virtualization

Red Bend’s vLogix Mobile® for for Mobile Virtualization comprises a Type-1 hypervisor together with a suite of software modules, all easily configurable to the task at hand.

vLogix Mobile

Here's how it works:

The Virtualizer is the vLogix Mobile Type-1 hypervisor. It runs directly on the host hardware ("bare metal") and schedules access to shared hardware services such as file systems, serial lines and network interfaces among guest operating environments. It separates virtual machines from one another and from direct access to the device's underlying hardware.

RAM and persistent storage (e.g., flash memory) can be partitioned and allocated to meet the performance demands of each virtual machine. Hardware resources such as the CPU, clock and memory management unit are virtualized — that is, replicated in software for each guest operating system — and access to the associated hardware is then allocated by the Virtualizer.

Virtual Devices
Each guest operating system may need access to system- wide services such as the screen, 2D/3D graphics hardware acceleration, multimedia acceleration, Wi-Fi, GPS and other input/output devices. vLogix Mobile includes not only back-end drivers to manage the physical devices, it also virtualizes each corresponding device and exports a virtual view of that device to the guest systems. This provides each OS/domain with access to the features of each device without physical access to the device itself, while ensuring secure separation.

Even stronger isolation of virtual machines is achievable through this optional module. The Isolator provides absolute separation, enabling the device to run an untrusted, open platform OS totally isolated from the other domains.

Enterprise Domain
For device manufacturers and service providers that want to create a new class of enterprise-ready smartphones and tablets, vLogix Mobile ships with support for a Secure Enterprise Domain. Included is a fully virtualized Android OS ready for use. This enables IT administrators to deploy over the air a secure environment for corporate applications and network access on a consumer's own smart device, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Management Domain
The Management Domain is its own virtual machine running on a limited or JeOS ("just enough") operating system. It provides performance monitoring, device management and over-the-air deployment of applications and virtual domains, including their full OSes, through Red Bend’s vSense Mobile™, vDirect Mobile® and vRapid Mobile® products. Customers benefit from end-to-end, standards-based management of both the virtual mobile device and the applications inside them.

vLogix Mobile – Benefits

Red Bend's vLogix Mobile® for for Mobile Virtualization enables manufacturers to achieve faster time to market at lower costs. Customers benefit from:

  • Lower Cost and Effort
    Separation of legacy software from the operating system eliminates the need to re-design, re-develop, and re-validate existing software for new platforms
  • Increased Security and Privacy
    Domain-specific memory partitions prevent cross-corruption, and a tamper-proof, isolated domain can be created for trusted services (e.g., authentication, telephony)
  • Standards Support
    Supports a pre-standard implementation of the new Virtualization Management Object (VirMO) standard proposed by Red Bend in the Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) Working Group
  • Top Performance
    A thin Type-1 hypervisor (about 40,000 lines of code) preserves RTOS properties and impacts minimally an open HLOS for near-native performance
  • Pre-Integrated with Android and Available for Multiple Chipsets
    Most widely integrated mobile virtualization solution ready for fast deployment
  • Fast Time to Market
    Comprehensive and modular product suite, including Android, for rapid integration and testing of multi-domain configurations and rapid porting of existing software, regardless of the underlying hardware