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FOTA Updating

With the increasing amount of mobile devices and their growing complexity, it is becoming more difficult for mobile operators and OEMs to make the best possible business decisions. How to reduce time-to-market? How to cope with the version race? How to constantly add new features and optimize the phone’s performance?

Since 2005, Red Bend Software offers the Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) solution for mobile phones, automotive and connected devices. Red Bend Software supports more than 80 customers including major mobile phone manufacturers, semiconductor vendors and tier-1 mobile operators. Red Bend FOTA has been proven in millions of secure firmware updates, and has been adopted across platforms by the industry's leading manufacturers of mobile devices.

The original use case for FOTA usage was to correct defects in device software over the air. That would reduce the customer care calls as well as the need for consumers to take their mobile devices for repair. Nowadays this situation is changing. In order to keep consumers satisfied with their mobile devices and services, both OEMs and operators must ensure that devices’ software is up-to-date. With pressure on time to market, a device can be released without full functionality. Only once the new software is completely ready, Red Bend’s FOTA activates it over the air. Consumers are getting used to check when software update is available at the time of the purchase.

To strengthen their brands, both OEMs and carriers are fully aware of a competitive nature of today’s market and use Red Bend’s FOTA capabilities to release new feature in a timely manner. FOTA enables operators to avoid device recalls, keep consumers’ device configuration, downloaded applications and personal data safe and secure.

Furthermore, the Red Bend FOTA Solution offers great value in managing machine-to-machine (M2M) connected devices. FOTA enables operators to manage software and firmware remotely by providing consumers with latest features and improvements. That way, consumers only get critical changes and operators ensure quality, avoid product recalls, reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction.

With the growing amount and the complexity of software inside cars, so does the need to update the software. To maintain their vehicles value, customers demand new functionality without going through car dealerships each time. Since customers perceive cars as consumer electronic devices, they look for ways to upgrade car software in the same manner as they upgrade their smartphones or other devices.

Red Bend Software’s broad experience in the global market puts the company in a unique position of making FOTA successful because of its:

  • Reliability – the update process is immune to a device power failure or a failure in network communication.
  • Enhanced security – the FOTA solution includes a security mechanism to guarantee the FOTA process integrity.
  • Enhanced consumer experience – the FOTA solution provides information to the consumer throughout the update process, such as progress bar or pre-defined messages.
  • Delta package size –the update package is proven to be the smallest possible to save network bandwidth and decrease the download time.

Mobile phone operators, OEMs, car manufacturers, semiconductor vendors and tier-1 mobile operators benefit from the Red Bend’s solutions to manage the software on different units and devices:

  • vRapid Mobile® - based on Red Bend’s patented technology, it is offered as a complete Android client, or as an update installer for the manufacturer to integrate into any device.
  • vRapid Mobile ® Fuse™ for Firmware Updating of Small Electronics- a new solution to manage software across the “Internet of Small Things” such as automotive electronic units (ECUs), embedded modules and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices so that even the smallest computing device can benefit from the industry’s most trusted update solution.
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Updating Service – enables Android manufacturers to update all their device models anywhere, anytime without requiring specialized expertise in designing and operating an OTA updating system or needing to make large, upfront capital expenditures in service infrastructure.

Red Bend Software’s trusted FOTA Client is installed on 1.5 billion mobile phones and connected devices and provides a smooth migration to complete software management solution.