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vDirect Mobile for OMA DM

Red Bend’s vDirect Mobile® allows manufacturers and operators to remotely manage mobile devices in the field. vDirect Mobile is standards-based software that works with any Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) device management (DM) server and has passed interoperability tests (IOT) with 15 DM server vendors. As the leading independent DM client, vDirect Mobile enables operators and manufacturers to break the dependency of closed DM systems.

vDirect Mobile 5.0 can be used in any of three configurations, supporting a greater range of operators, networks and services:

  • vDirect Mobile Pre-Built for Operators – a fully compliant DM client for Android devices for Tier-1 mobile network operators such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile US, Sprint, NTT DOCOMO and SoftBank, with more to come. Indeed, this is the first DM server-independent client to support both Verizon Wireless’s CDMA and LTE Networks. Integrating Red Bend’s pre-built DM client takes less than a month, which means faster time to market for new devices.
  • vDirect Mobile SDK – offers a fully documented and supported SDK, on top of the proven vDirect Mobile core OMA-DM engine. The OEM can develop the full device management client that meets their specific customer's requirements, ensuring both operator satisfaction and interoperability with more than 15 leading DM server vendors.


vDirect Mobile’s architecture consists of four conceptual layers which together provide the full DM client.

The Porting Layer, the lower layer, provides the platform integration to the operating systems. Currently vDirect Mobile includes out-of-the-box support for Windows, Linux, Android and Brew MP, but can quickly be implemented for any operating system.

The OMA DM Core Layer is Red Bend’s OMA-DM/DL engine with a small footprint, implemented in C and which supports an unlimited number of object types and tree structures.

The Business Logic Layer (including Application Core Layer) supports use cases needed for the entire lifecycle of the mobile device/wireless module such as: provisioning, configuration, diagnostics and device information retrieval.

  • Provisioning
    • Bootstrap support: OTA and Factory
    • Bootstrap profiles: CP and DM
    • Remote/self activation
    • Preferred roaming list (for CDMA)
  • Configuration
    • GPRS, WAP, MMS, PIM, EMAIL, Wi-Fi and others
  • Diagnostics
    • Device diagnostic
    • Device events monitoring
  • Device Information Retrieval
    • Configuration parameters
    • Billing and inventory data
    • The Business Logic Layer can contain more than one business logic with a switch mechanism that enables a single client integration to be applicable for multiple MNO customers’ networks. This not only stream-lines development and testing procedures but also optimizes fulfillment planning.

The Device Integration Layer is a device-specific implementation to handle events being sent between this layer and the Business Logic Layer. It includes handling device events, such as incoming calls and roaming, as well as implementation of the UI.


vDirect Mobile High-level Architecture

vDirect Mobile - Benefits
Red Bend’s vDirect Mobile® is the industry’s leading independent device management (DM) client that is interoperable with any DM server supporting standards from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and has passed interoperability tests (IOT) with 15 DM server vendors. vDirect Mobile has been used to perform hundreds of millions of successful DM sessions.

Red Bend’s server-independent vDirect Mobile DM client offers many additional benefits such as:

Fast time to market: vDirect Mobile makes it easier and more cost effective for manufacturers to quickly integrate standards-based device management functionality into mobile devices, enabling faster time to market. It offers full compliance to OMA DM standards and continued support of leading MNO device management specifications that streamlines the creation of DM client applications. As a result, manufacturers need less time and fewer resources to implement device management using vDirect Mobile.

Interoperability: vDirect Mobile has been extensively interoperability tested with numerous DM server vendors under the OMA Test Fest program fully supporting the OMA-DM standard. Additionally, Red Bend operates the Red Bend Certified™ Interoperability Program that provides device manufacturers and network operators with the assurance of interoperability between Red Bend’s client software and device management servers from partner companies.

Deployed and dependable: vDirect Mobile has been proven in hundreds of millions of wireless devices including smartphones, feature phones, 3G data cards, LTE data cards and M2M modules.

Platform for growth: vDirect Mobile’s modular architecture with open API enables fast and trusted development of additional functionality such as Security Services, Diagnostics and Virtual Machine Management.

Portability: vDirect Mobile is written in ANSI C for easy portability. The abstraction of all platform dependencies into a well structured porting layer makes it easy for device manufacturers to port vDirect Mobile to their proprietary platforms, commercial RTOSes or Open OSes.

Professional Services: Red Bend’s experienced professional services organization can help device manufacturers to integrate vDirect Mobile into their mobile platform and accelerate time to market for devices. Red Bend can also develop the DM client for the device manufacturer according to the operator’s specifications. Red Bend’s professional services engineers have extensive experience in developing full DM clients on many different software platforms including Android, AMSS, Brew, Brew MP, Linux, and Windows, as well as proprietary operating systems.