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Software on the Edge: MSM Reaches New Frontiers

Posted: November 26, 2007

By Yoram Salinger, CEO, Red Bend Software

Having experienced the benefits of MSM for mobile phones, operators are beginning to require software management for all edge devices in the network. Mobile broadband PC cards are some the latest devices to benefit from FOTA and OMA-DM capability. With MSM, operators can provision settings over-the-air, reduce customer support costs and keep consumers satisfied with their mobile services—whether they are talking on their mobile phones or video conferencing from their PCs.

The fact that operators are extending MSM to mobile PC cards shows the increasing importance that operators are placing on having full management control over their networks. Red Bend is in a unique position to give operators a consistent level of control in a world of heterogeneous terminals. We are the only company totally focused on remotely managing software inside mobile devices. Our experience working with 15 manufacturers across a dozen different mobile platforms (both open and proprietary) enables Red Bend to intimately appreciate the complexities of mobile software architectures.

We recently celebrated shipping our market-leading vCurrent® Mobile solution in 200 million mobile phones worldwide. Soon, mobile broadband PC cards will come to market that are Red Bend-enabled. And after that, well… stay tuned. As operators and manufacturers become more advanced in their use of MSM, Red Bend will continue to innovate and deliver new solutions that enable our customers to derive even greater value from software on the edge.