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Panasonic Makes Android Tablets Enterprise-Ready with Red Bend MSM

Posted: February 17, 2012

By Lori Sylvia, EVP Marketing, Red Bend Software

Enterprise adoption of tablets will make up almost 40% of all tablet sales by 2014,
according to Morgan Stanley. Our customer Panasonic is responding to this huge demand with its new Android-powered Toughpad™ tablet. Now, Panasonic is using Red Bend to enable secure management of Enterprise applications over the air.

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Security and management of tablets are big challenges for Enterprises. The Red Bend-Enabled™ Panasonic Toughpad will give Enterprise customers ground-breaking capabilities to remotely and securely manage their devices over the air.

Enterprises will be able to manage their own applications independently from the tablet’s firmware using the OMA DM SCOMO standard. This capability will let Enterprises deploy, remove and update any application efficiently and reliably over the air. And it will enable Panasonic to deliver continuous software improvements to its Enterprise customers, including keeping the Toughpad up to date with the latest Android version.

There are many Enterprise features provided by the Red Bend solution that will meet the management needs of Panasonic’s customers. For example, the solution enables the most efficient and reliable software updates, significantly reducing Enterprise telecom data charges when deploying new and updated applications. In addition, the solution is location and network aware, so Enterprises can control when and how updates are performed, and can deliver large updates over Wi-Fi or prevent updates when roaming. Plus, Red Bend’s Failsafe™ feature
guarantees the update to complete even in the event of a disruption such as loss of connectivity or battery failure.

The Red Bend solution also provides Enterprises with flexible control over deploying, managing and updating applications. Each of the Enterprise’s Toughpad applications can be managed and updated one at a time, or in
combination, as the Enterprise chooses. The Enterprise can also deploy different application packs based on the unique profile of the end user, such as workgroup. In addition, the Red Bend solution manages dependencies between applications and firmware, ensuring each end user gets the correct software package to support its Enterprise applications. Enterprises can also ensure that their own applications are protected so that the user
cannot uninstall them.

The combination of rugged Panasonic hardware, a hardware-protected firmware architecture based on a Marvell® ARM-based CPU and Red Bend MSM has created an incredibly powerful Enterprise-capable platform for our business customers. The approach means that businesses will be able to deploy the rugged Toughpad tablets to their mobile workers with all the benefits and flexibility of an Android architecture and applications, but backed by world-class Enterprise software management and security capabilities.