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A New Paradigm for FOTA

Posted: June 27, 2007

By Yoram Salinger
CEO, Red Bend Software

Version 5 of vCurrent© Mobile continues the record of innovation from Red Bend, and marks a major leap forward in FOTA technology.

In our newest release of vCurrent Mobile, we have introduced Background Updating and, with that, have completely changed the paradigm of FOTA. For the first time, consumers will be able to use their phones while the FOTA update is taking place. This capability significantly improves the mobile user experience by creatively eliminating the issue of update time and the need for the phone to be taken off-line during the update process.

Red Bend has a rich culture of innovation, one where we listen closely to our customers' needs and where we continuously challenge ourselves to do more, like inventing Instant Failsafe to guarantee successful completion of the FOTA update even with a power loss to the phone. As the leader in FOTA, we recognize our responsibility to keep introducing great new ideas that help increase the penetration of FOTA and improve the value that FOTA brings to our customers and the mobile market.

With Background Updating, making FOTA seamless to consumers is a major step forward in driving mass market adoption and we believe will pave the way for new revenue-generation opportunities from over-the-air software update services. Our commitment is that we won't stop there.

We invite you to learn more about this and other features in version 5 of vCurrent Mobile.