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Red Bend’s vLogix Mobile® for Mobile Virtualization empowers mobile device manufacturers and semi-conductor vendors to speed time to market and reduce costs by reusing legacy software assets while taking advantage of new operating systems. vLogix Mobile is the industry's leading Mobile Virtualization solution licensed by more manufacturers to virtualize more smartphones and connected devices than all other Mobile Virtualization products combined. vLogix Mobile is built on the VLX™ Type-1 mobile hypervisor from VirtualLogix, acquired by Red Bend in September 2010.

vLogix Mobile enables two operating systems to run simultaneously, separately and securely on the same hardware for:

Reuse of Existing Software Assets
Maintaining a competitive edge is vital for mobile device manufacturers, who must integrate huge amounts of complex software on multiple chipsets and hardware platforms. vLogix Mobile allows ready reuse of software components and applications, even a real-time operating system (RTOS). Native or proprietary device drivers, protocol stacks and system modules can be integrated with ease, and legacy applications can run unmodified in the new environment. This ensures minimum development cost and faster time to market for new products.

vLogix Mobile offers support for processors based on the ARM Cotex-A15 and Cortex-A7 cores in single and multi-core configurations. Red Bend is enabling device manufacturers to take advantage of this latest family of cores without the need to modify an existing high-level operating system (HLOS). vLogix Mobile performs management of the chipset's multi-core architecture in the Virtualizer, allowing the HLOS to remain as is. Customer benefit by not having to redesign, redevelop and revalidate existing software to support new OS configurations.

Multi-Domain Support
vLogix Mobile presents the opportunity for enterprises, network operators and device manufacturers to create and manage separate domains on devices such as mobile handsets, tablets and automotive infotainment systems. Each domain resides within its own virtual machine, isolated from other guest operating environments and the device hardware. Powered by Red Bend's suite of modular software management products, these domains are deployable over the air and managed using Red Bend's standards-based, back-end Software Management Center.

An enterprise IT department, either directly or through a service provider, may establish a secure domain on its employees' personal mobile phones where corporate applications can execute securely, protected from an open HLOS or RTOS executing in other domains. By combining separate profiles for business use and personal use on the same smart device, enterprises can support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with a solution that's both secure and manageable.