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vrapid mobile fuse data sheet


vRapid Mobile® Fuse™ for Firmware Updating of Small Electronics

リソースが大幅に制約される環境下でも車載ECUや埋込モジュール、マシン・ツー・マシン(M2M)デバイスなどのファームウェアを遠隔アッ プデート。レッドベンドのvRapid Mobile® Fuse™はわずか7KBのメモリしか必要としない業界最小のフットプリントで、100%の信頼性とアップデート時間の半減を実現したソフトウェアアップ デートの革新的なアプローチを提供します。


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Who will monetize BYOD – the Mobile Industry or Over-the-Top Providers?

By Lori Sylvia, EVP of Marketing, Red Bend

By 2016, the worldwide shipment of smartphones will reach 1.16 billion and one in three of those will be used inside the enterprise, according to IDC. As BYOD sweeps through the enterprise, and as IT managers turn to mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and other management and security technologies, mobile phone OEMs and operators are asking what’s in it for them. It’s not that BYOD is causing more phones to be purchased or more subscribers to sign up. If anything, consumers are increasingly resisting the “company issued phone” and want one phone for work and personal use.


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idc logoIDC - Mobile Virtualization: Accelerating Innovation in Next-Generation Services

In this report published in September 2012, IDC examines how virtualization technology is being leveraged to bring new capabilities to smartphones and feature phones and used as a core technology to enable the "Internet of things."


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Updating Car ECUs Over-the-Air (FOTA)

FOTA technology is a proven, safe, and cost-effective method for OEMs and car manufactures to manage the car software evolution, which is turning the car from iron driven to code driven. FOTA can help auto makers to save time and costs, mitigate risk, and attract and retain customers. In addition, this can enable car manufactures to establish new ways of up-selling services and deliver new features and applications to consumers throughout the car lifecycle.


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newsletter september 2013

What's new around the Bend - September 25, 2013

This edition of Red Bend's e-mail newsletter features:

  • Red Bend’s vRapid Mobile® Fuse™ Now Updates the “Internet of Small Things” in Automotive, Mobile and M2M
  • Who will monetize BYOD – the Mobile Industry or Over-the-Top Providers?
  • How to Avoid Recall with eCall
  • Are Unnoticed Forces Brewing to Create a Mobile Market Disruption?


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ビデオ & ポッドキャストtrue for byod video

Red Bend's TRUE™ Solution for BYOD

Red Bend's Director of Product Marketing, Roger Ordman, explains and demonstrates Red Bend's TRUE™ Solution for BYOD.


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Separation Using Type-1 Virtualization in Vehicles and Automotive Devices

Satish Varma from Red Bend Software presents at TI Tech Day Detroit 2013 on how to use Type-1 virtualization to consolidate hardware in automotive ECUs. Panelists included QNX Software Systems and Crank Software.


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