Firmware Update Over-the-Air

Firmware Update Over-the-Air
Redbend’s OTA Firmware Update allows manufacturers to keep devices relevant anywhere, anytime. The smallest delta between the source and target version is generated with Redbend’s Smart Delta technology, guaranteeing the smallest and fastest possible device update. Administrators can proactively monitor and manage connected devices and enable device self-check for updates with a flexible web interface.


The world’s smallest update files, every time
100% failure-free on more than
2 billion devices
Easily execute update campaigns using an intuitive web-based interface

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End-to-End Connected Car Software Framework
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End-to-End Connected Car Software Framework

Solutions, services, technologies and processes for OEMs seeking to master the software-driven connected car.
Peace of Mind for Automotive OEMs

Peace of Mind for Automotive OEMs

From mechanical car safety to full connected car cyber-security –
a recipe for automotive manufacturers’ peace of mind
Connected Car Software Management Solution
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Connected Car Software Management Solution

Redbend’s Connected Car Software Management enables car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers to rapidly adapt to this evolving market landscape by allowing them to securely manage all in-vehicle software-driven components, including head units, ECUs and telematics boxes – anywhere and at any time, whether on the production line, at the dealer lot or in owners’ driveways.
Connected Car Cyber-security Solution
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Connected Car Cyber-security Solution

Redbend's Connected Car Cyber-security offers the perfect balance in security management. Our security and cybercrime experts can help you make the right decisions so as to capitalize on technological innovation and tackle any cyber challenge, all while minimizing exposure and countering real threats to critical automotive assets – cost-effectively and with complete standards and regulatory compliance.
Cost Effective Updating of Software in Cars From IVIs, TCUs and Domain Controllers to the Entire Vehicle
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Cost Effective Updating of Software in Cars From IVIs, TCUs and Domain Controllers to the Entire Vehicle

The dramatic increase in the amount of software in cars is creating a sea change in the automotive industry that will bring more connectivity to the driver’s finger tips and offer new ways for OEMs and Tier 1s to increase user satisfaction, while at the same time saving money.

As we all know, time equals money. This is especially true in the automotive industry where much of success criteria are measured in financial terms. Two cost-structures in the automotive market that are interesting to explore are the financials around warranty claims and recalls and how OTA software updates can minimize these costs. Today, a software update is used mainly for in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVIs) and map content. Moving forward, with the advancements being made in automotive software management, OEMs will soon be able to update all models of a vehicle in its entirety – from bumper to bumper – with one reliable and efficient software update campaign. The efficient management of this software allows OEMs to quickly respond to recall problems and decrease overall warranty costs.
Innovative Solutions for Mobile
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Innovative Solutions for Mobile

For more than 15 years Redbend has been a leading software provider for some of the worlds’ largest and best known mobile device manufacturers. End-to-end software and device management services, over-the-air update technology and virtualization solutions are now being used by both large OEMs and smaller manufacturers that create unique mobile devices for niche markets.
“Xplore chose Redbend to provide our customers with a best-in-class updating service that ensures RangerX rugged tablet users have automatic access to the latest updates.”

Xplore Technologies

Mark Holleran, president and CEO, Xplore Technologies
“Doro created the easy smartphone market and working with Redbend will facilitate the expansion of our value add service-led propositions."

Doro AB

Thomas Bergdahl, VP Product Development, Doro AB
“Working with Redbend we are able to deliver software improvements and a premium user experience.”

Vertu Corporation Ltd

Mal Minhas, Head of Software, Vertu

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Alcatel-TCT Mobile Limited (TCL)Alcatel-TCT Mobile Limited (TCL)
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Quectel Wireless SolutionQuectel Wireless Solution
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Y! MobileY! Mobile


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