Dual-Persona Smartphone


Unprecedented isolation between domains using Redbend’s Type-1 Virtualization


Two (or more) full operating systems enabling the use of any and all native applications


Native performance maintained with CPU and GPU virtualization; fully utilizes and benefits from the ARM Cortex-A15 Virtualisation Extensions (VE)


Full peripheral virtualization including networking, Bluetooth, camera, audio and more


Multi OS

Domain Isolation

Virtualization Orchestrator

Driver Virtualization


Redbend Type-1 Virtualization enables multiple operating systems to run on the same hardware. These can be operating systems that are used by a user, such as in the case of the Dual Persona solution and Head Unit Virtualization or can be operating systems that are running in the background to isolate specific device functionality, such as a secure file system or securely management domain.
Domain Isolation guarantees that the level of isolation between each operating system (OS) is of the highest priority. This is especially important in the case of one OS being open source and the other being a proprietary OS or one being an open/connected OS and the other being with a mission critical (or security sensitive) OS. Redbend achieves domain isolation with dedicated software interfaces and utilizing ARM Cortex-A15 Virtualization Extensions (VE).
The Virtualization Orchestrator is in charge for user experience in a virtualized solution. It resides in a dedicated isolated domain and manages the interactions between the virtual domains, specifically the application notifications such as new messages, new email, etc. This product component also manages the call handling and domain switching mechanism.
Redbend virtualization is not limited to the processing unit and memory as most devices have additional dedicated peripheral hardware such as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, camera, etc. These devices have accompanying drivers that are also virtualized, in order to allow access by all the isolated domains on a single device. Red Bend’s Driver Virtualization comes with out-of-the-box support for a large variety of peripherals, reducing integration time and improving performance.
The Redbend hypervisor uses Type-1 virtualization a.k.a. bare-metal virtualization to isolate the operating systems from the hardware resources. The hypervisor serves as the scheduler to run multiple operating systems simultaneously and allocate the hardware resources according to the OS needs and predefined priorities.


Supported by a rich array of services designed to address
both current and emerging mobile device manufacturer needs


Integration of the hypervisor into your hardware platform, and enabling your choice of peripherals to be shared between multiple virtual machines. Customization of the cross-domain user experience according to your needs

Professional Services

Redbend’s Professional Services organization has vast experience in working closely with customers and addressing their requirements and schedules within the dedicated customer development projects

Consulting Services

Redbend offers customer-tailored consulting services, sharing it’s expertise on virtualization and software management in mobile phones, vehicles, M2M devices and IoT
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