Wearable Device Software Management


Small delta results in the most efficient solution for updating software


Remote device configuration and settings analysis and management


Supports Android, Tizen, Linux and Brew operating systems; Zigbee, Bluetooth-LE, WiFi, Cellular and PLC networks


Complies with OMA-DM and AllJoyn


Update Generator

Software Catalogue

Update Orchestrator

Software Installer

Firmware Update Installer

Device Repository

Settings Orchestrator

Device Settings

Protocol Engine


Using Redbend’s Smart Delta technology the Update Generator compares any two versions of firmware, applications or maps, identifies the differences between the two versions and creates the delta update file. The Update Generator can be a stand-alone tool, integrated with the Software Catalogue or integrated into the manufacturer’s tool chain.
The Software Catalogue manages full versions and delta updates of all the application, embedded software, ECU binaries and firmware update packages that are available for the remotely managed devices. This includes different versions, different components, delta updates and the dependencies between them.
The Update Orchestrator manages the device update campaigns and properties such as time, network bearer type, update type (mandatory, silent) and device population. Each update package is specifically tailored for each device according to the versions of the software installed, the dependencies between the software elements and the required installation order, assuring that the deployment package is downloaded, parsed and handed off to the software installers.
The Software Installer is OS agnostic and installs, removes and updates any type of software on the device. This includes user space applications, embedded system applications and full ECU binaries. Updates to existing software elements can either be with a full software replace or be performed efficiently using Redbend’s Smart Delta technology.
Using Redbend’s Smart Delta technology the Firmware Update Installer applies the generated delta update file to the existing on-device firmware to update it to the target firmware version. The update is performed in-place with verification and failsafe mechanisms to ensure a successful bit-for-bit update.
The Device Repository holds the information of all the managed devices, their model, manufacturer and software inventory. The Device Repository is updated on a regular basis, whenever a remote management action is performed on the connected device requiring the Update Orchestrator to retrieve an accurate picture of the device software inventory.
The Settings Orchestrator manages the device settings update campaigns and properties such as time, network bearer, device population and predefined policies. A specific set of settings is tailored for each device in the group according to the software installed and the configuration applied. This assures that the setting update is downloaded and handed off to the setting handlers according to the predefined conditions.
The Device Settings function enables the user to view, define and store combinations of possible setting configurations per managed device type. The Settings Orchestrator uses these predefined setting combinations to remotely update the relevant devices over-the-air.
The Protocol Engine manages the communication between the backend software management server and the remote gateway device or the connected device. Management functions include secure handshakes, remote bootstrapping, FOTA process commands, inventory reporting, device settings and lock and wipe. Redbend’s Protocol Engine is compliant with recognized international standards such as the Open Mobile Alliance’s OMA-DM and the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn protocol.
Redbend Analytics collects a broad set of metrics from remotely connected devices enabling advanced business intelligence. Analyzing usage trends and performance trends enables the service provider to foretell problems with systems before they fail. The metrics collected include diagnostics of the device performance and analysis of the device, network and software usage. The Software Management dashboard presents both aggregated data and single device information or hands it off to a third party analytics system for additional analysis and predictive maintenance.


Supported by a rich array of services designed to address
both current and emerging wearable device manufacturer needs


An out-of-the box versatile and scalable Software Management Solution for gateway-connected devices on a shared backend hosted in the cloud by Redbend

Hosted Service

A fully-featured and highly scalable Software Management Solution for gateways and connected devices, hosted in the cloud by Redbend, with extensive integration and configuration options


Integration of the Software Management client and standard or light-edition Firmware Update Installer into gateways and managed devices; business logic and update flow customization; integration of the Software Management server into the service provider backend systems

Professional Services

Redbend’s Professional Services organization has vast experience in working closely with customers and addressing their requirements and schedules within the dedicated customer development projects

Consulting Services

Redbend offers customer-tailored consulting services, sharing it’s expertise on remote firmware and software management in mobile phones, vehicles, M2M devices and IoT
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