M2M Device Management

Firmware Update Over-the-Air
Redbend Device Management for machine-to-machine (M2M) has all the features and functionalities for M2M device and module vendors and M2M service providers to successfully update, configure and analyze remote device deployments, removing the need to dispatch technicians for on-site maintenance. Using update technology that has a 100% track record on more than 2 billion devices -- any device no matter the OS, chipset, available device resources or network connectivity, can be updated and managed.


The world’s smallest update files for M2M modules and connected devices
100% failure-free on more than 2 billion devices
OS, chipset and network agnostic
Execute management campaigns easily using an intuitive web-based interface
Predictive device maintenance using analytics for device health monitoring

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Making Sense of IoT Standards

Making Sense of IoT Standards

For the IoT revolution to become reality and fully deliver on its promise, numerous hurdles need first be overcome. First and foremost, there’s connectivity. In addition to overcoming the physical connectivity challenges there must also be an agreement on communication and management protocols. Adherence to a single standard will be key in enabling the success of the Internet of Things on a global basis. The need for standardization between units, especially in the home is a prerequisite for the broad adoption of smart devices.
This whitepaper explores currently existing device management standards, inter-device and proximity application frameworks, and physical short-range network connectivity standards that are expected to play a role in the realization of IoT.
Innovative Solutions for IoT
Data Sheets

Innovative Solutions for IoT

The number of connected devices is growing exponentially. All of these devices, from smart watches and smart meters to mhealth devices and home appliances can be updated to ensure ongoing product relevancy. Our comprehensive IoT software and device management services help device manufacturers enhance user experiences and increase ROI.
Redbend's solution enables our customers to protect their investment with an efficient and proven way to remotely update machines."

SK Telecom

Woo-Yong Kim, IoT Business, SK Telecom
"Redbend's FOTA allows MediaTek to provide a more complete update solution for our customers to manage devices over-the-air.”


J.C. Hsu, General Manager of New Business Development, MediaTek
Telit Wireless Solutions Provides FOTA Updates of M2M Modules
Case Studies

Telit Wireless Solutions Provides FOTA Updates of M2M Modules

Read a case study on how Telit Wireless Solutions is using Redbend's FOTA update software to keep M2M modules up to date with the latest software features and performance improvement.
The Confusing World of IoT Standards

The Confusing World of IoT Standards

The 2014 hype is certainly focused around the Internet of Things, or the Internet of Everything, or is it the Industrial Internet, the Consumer Internet or simply Machine to Machine (M2M)? While the market is still having trouble agreeing upon a name they are understandably also having trouble agreeing on the standard that should link all these connected devices.
Redbend 2014:  Industry Convergence and the Growing Need to Manage Software

Redbend 2014: Industry Convergence and the Growing Need to Manage Software

As we head into Mobile World Congress 2014, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the knowledge and technologies conceived in the mobile industry are driving a convergence of several other industries—from M2M to automotive and the enterprise.
What a Day in My Connected Life Could Look Like

What a Day in My Connected Life Could Look Like

The Consumer Electronics Show might consider changing its name to the Connected Electronics Show. With a variety of communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee available, and modules costing just dollars, product developers are adding connectivity to seemingly everything. As I walked around the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, I started to envision what a day in my connected life could look like in the near future, with my smartphone at the hub.
Growing Demand for M2M Services

Growing Demand for M2M Services

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) enables all types of devices – from utility meters to cars and home appliances – to be connected and Internet-ready, reducing the cost of management, enabling faster repairs and offering a platform for innovative consumer services, such as prepaid, pay-as-you go car insurance. The range of M2M applications is impressive and the impact these applications are having on our daily lives is huge.

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