Software Update Management

Software Update & management
Within the Redbend 10 product platform the Software Update Management set of capabilities brings a holistic set of features to Redbend’s market facing solutions that guarantee all the connected devices will be securely and successfully managed over time, regardless of the network protocol, device platform or operating system. Redbend’s Smart Delta-based update generator and installer have been used in more than 2 billion connected devices across industries to continuously keep devices relevant with efficient and failsafe software updates.


Small on-device footprint
100% update reliability
Platform and OS agnostic
Up to 97% image reduction with Smart Delta updates
Manages all types of software elements: Firmware, apps and maps
Highly-scalable backend system – up to tens of millions of devices


Update Generator

Software Catalogue

Update Orchestrator

Software Installer

Firmware Update Installer


Using Redbend’s Smart Delta technology the Update Generator compares any two versions of firmware, applications or maps, identifies the differences between the two versions and creates the delta update file. The Update Generator can be a stand-alone tool, integrated with the Software Catalogue or integrated into the manufacturer’s tool chain.
The Software Catalogue manages full versions and delta updates of all the application, embedded software, ECU binaries and firmware update packages that are available for the remotely managed devices. This includes different versions, different components, delta updates and the dependencies between them.
The Update Orchestrator manages the device update campaigns and properties such as time, network bearer type, update type (mandatory, silent) and device population. Each update package is specifically tailored for each device according to the versions of the software installed, the dependencies between the software elements and the required installation order, assuring that the deployment package is downloaded, parsed and handed off to the software installers.
The Software Installer is OS agnostic and installs, removes and updates any type of software on the device. This includes user space applications, embedded system applications and full ECU binaries. Updates to existing software elements can either be with a full software replace or be performed efficiently using Redbend’s Smart Delta technology.
Using Redbend’s Smart Delta technology the Firmware Update Installer applies the generated delta update file to the existing on-device firmware to update it to the target firmware version. The update is performed in-place with verification and failsafe mechanisms to ensure a successful bit-for-bit update.
The Repartioning tool performs and over-the-air update to the devices flash partitions. Using the Repartitioning tool an updated flash partition layout is defined and sent to the remotely connected device where it is applied in-place without compromising the on-device software. The Reparation tool can move, grow, shrink and add flash partitions.

Featured Resources

The New Connected Car Economics – Infographic
White Papers

The New Connected Car Economics – Infographic

This infographic is a friendly guide to all OEMs looking for ways to cut car testing cycles and Tier 1 partner testing support workloads, minimize production software flashing bottlenecks, eliminate the need for time- and cost-consuming “flash parties” and no less importantly lower warranty- and recall-related car service loads (eliminating the need for consumers to visit dealerships for manual updates), professional training requirements and OBD2 update tool and labor costs – all while reducing customer servicing complexities and software update efforts.
Updating Connected Car Software Over-The-Air – Why Wait?
White Papers

Updating Connected Car Software Over-The-Air – Why Wait?

Today’s connected drivers are already demanding up-to-date content and fully updated electronic components that only over-the-air updates can facilitate. In this white paper we will provide car manufacturers with the information of how, instead of holding the technology back until such time as next generation cars go through the production line, they can flash in-vehicle software management agents to current car models over-the-air – anywhere, and at any time, whether at dealership lots, on owner driveways, or on the road.
Peace of Mind for Automotive OEMs

Peace of Mind for Automotive OEMs

From mechanical car safety to full connected car cyber-security –
a recipe for automotive manufacturers’ peace of mind
Connected Car Cyber-security Solution
Data Sheets

Connected Car Cyber-security Solution

Redbend's Connected Car Cyber-security offers the perfect balance in security management. Our security and cybercrime experts can help you make the right decisions so as to capitalize on technological innovation and tackle any cyber challenge, all while minimizing exposure and countering real threats to critical automotive assets – cost-effectively and with complete standards and regulatory compliance.
Connected Car Software Management Solution
Data Sheets

Connected Car Software Management Solution

Redbend’s Connected Car Software Management enables car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers to rapidly adapt to this evolving market landscape by allowing them to securely manage all in-vehicle software-driven components, including head units, ECUs and telematics boxes – anywhere and at any time, whether on the production line, at the dealer lot or in owners’ driveways.
Making Sense of IoT Standards

Making Sense of IoT Standards

For the IoT revolution to become reality and fully deliver on its promise, numerous hurdles need first be overcome. First and foremost, there’s connectivity. In addition to overcoming the physical connectivity challenges there must also be an agreement on communication and management protocols. Adherence to a single standard will be key in enabling the success of the Internet of Things on a global basis. The need for standardization between units, especially in the home is a prerequisite for the broad adoption of smart devices.
This whitepaper explores currently existing device management standards, inter-device and proximity application frameworks, and physical short-range network connectivity standards that are expected to play a role in the realization of IoT.
Innovative Solutions for Mobile
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Innovative Solutions for Mobile

For more than 15 years Redbend has been a leading software provider for some of the worlds’ largest and best known mobile device manufacturers. End-to-end software and device management services, over-the-air update technology and virtualization solutions are now being used by both large OEMs and smaller manufacturers that create unique mobile devices for niche markets.
Redbend's solution enables our customers to protect their investment with an efficient and proven way to remotely update machines."

SK Telecom

Woo-Yong Kim, IoT Business, SK Telecom
“Working with Redbend we are able to deliver software improvements and a premium user experience.”

Vertu Corporation Ltd

Mal Minhas, Head of Software, Vertu

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