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TRUE Solution for BYOD

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is making the entire mobile industry rethink the future of smartphones and tablets. Market demand for separate devices for work and play is diminishing in favor of smart devices that can seamlessly support how people really move between their work and personal lives throughout the day. The problem is that today’s consumer smartphones and tablets have not been designed with the enterprise in mind, and many BYOD programs are too imposing on employees' use of their personal mobile devices.

The answer is Red Bend’s TRUE™ Solution for BYOD – an end-to-end solution for mobile device manufacturers and service providers to create and manage dual-persona mobile devices that are “TRUsted by the Enterprise” for employee use. TRUE includes Red Bend’s full suite of market-leading products for Mobile Software Management and Mobile Virtualization. With TRUE, Red Bend is enabling its customers and partners across the mobile industry to architect and build the next generation of smartphones and tablets to be Enterprise Ready from the start.

To deal with BYOD, IT managers are deploying third-party applications and containers onto employees’ personal devices to try to add “some” security and management control. But these approaches are short-term patches that aren’t good enough to meet the true needs of either the enterprise or the employee. They force enterprises to accept security risks from malware and data leakage and management complexity from proprietary systems. What more, they force employees to change their mobile user experience by cluttering their personal device with cumbersome password policies and difficult-to-use corporate applications. The result is neither the IT manager nor the employee’s needs are fully met, and still both corporate and private data are at risk.

With smartphones and tablets built using Red Bend’s TRUE Solution for BYOD, CIOs benefit by knowing their employees’ personal mobile devices have the enterprise-class security, management and performance required by IT to permit corporate access. Employees benefit from the convenience of using one device with a dual-persona that keeps their work life separate from their personal life, and from knowing their personal content and device usage stay private – clean and simple.

Red Bend’s TRUE benefits mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and other service providers that want to:

  • Manufacture devices that will be sold to the mass market and recommended by IT managers for BYOD
  • Offer BYOD devices that have the strongest security possible, best level of separation between work and life, and the best management tools
  • Assure consumers that their personal content and device usage will remain private and unaffected by their employer’s BYOD policies
  • Provide a differentiated and significantly better BYOD solution than Enterprise MDM alone
  • Create a revenue-generating offering for enterprises on top of consumer services

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