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vRapid Mobile Fuse for Firmware Updating of Small Electronics

Red Bend Software’s vRapid Mobile® Fuse™ for Firmware Updating of Small Electronics (Fuse) offers a new solution to manage software across the “Internet of Small Things” such as automotive electronic units (ECUs), embedded modules and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices. With vRapid Mobile Fuse, even the smallest, resource-constrained computing device can receive firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA) or over a cable. As a result, manufacturers in Automotive, Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics can save significant warranty costs and maintenance time while keeping devices operating at peak performance. vRapid Mobile Fuse is part of the market-leading vRapid Mobile product suite, adopted by more than 80 smartphone and tablet manufacturers, mobile operators, semiconductor vendors and automotive OEMs worldwide, and deployed in more than 1.75 billion devices.

How it Works?

Red Bend’s innovative and patented vRapid Mobile Fuse is faster, less expensive and more reliable than traditional firmware update methods by:

  • Using a new small update installer that requires as little as 7KB of working memory
  • Dividing the update package into small, streamable segments capable of distribution over networks with extremely limited bandwidth
  • Simultaneously performing updates as the streamed segments are received in the device, requiring fewer system resources to store an update package


FUSE High Level Architecture


As an optional product component in the vRapid Mobile product suite, vRapid Mobile Fuse consists of the Fuse UPI and Fuse UPG:

The vRapid Mobile Fuse Update Installer (Fuse UPI): performs the update installation and updates in place, recreating the updated firmware version directly at the original memory location of the current version using a patented computational algorithm that eliminates the “ripple effect” caused by other methods such as Padding and Patching.  The Fuse UPI also only requires 7KB of flash memory to ensure a successful update under any circumstance. To ensure the fastest update time, the Fuse UPI only writes to the changed areas.

The vRapid Mobile Fuse Update Generator (Fuse UPG): a management tool that allows users to identify essential changes from an existing firmware version to an updated version.  It creates the software update package (delta package) of a device image and its file system and then divides the compact delta package into multiple segments. Then the small segments are uploaded to a transmitter and then streamed over the air or a cable to the receiver inside the device.  This enables Fuse UPI to perform the updates while the segments are being streamed.


Red Bend’s vRapid Mobile Fuse for Firmware Updating of Small Electronics enables manufacturers to significantly improve the way they perform software updates in automotive ECUs, embedded modules and M2M devices used in industries such as Utilities, Transportation and Logistics.  Customers receive the following benefits:

  • Updates any software on any device at any point during the device lifetime, even the smallest electronics
  • Cuts update time significantly*, saving warranty costs and maintenance resources
  • Reduces data charges with extremely compact update files that are that are transport agnostic, saving bandwidth when sending updates over-the-air
  • Improves customer satisfaction through faster and more convenient software maintenance, ensuring device up-time
  • Differentiates from the competition with the most efficient and trusted update technology
  • Integrates with existing systems for a comprehensive software management solution

* In tests, we have saved more than 60 percent reduction in update time.